About this site

My about page was definitely the trickiest part of getting this blog off the ground ’cause sometimes I think I barely know what I am doing here myself! This has got to be, what, the third iteration of this about page? Shows you. At its roots, this is a blog about my experiences of playing games. And reviewing them is certainly part of what I do, but let me explain some more.

At first, I wrote what I realise now in hindsight was a rather pompous and ambitious ramble on how I wanted this blog to make ‘a grand contribution to the discourse on accurate critique on video games.’ Ugh… Cringeworthy I agree, even if I do secretly sometimes entertain such goals! (What is life without a little delusion of grandeur?) What I meant to say was that I really love writing, and I have been playing video games before I could even trade the potty for the can. So why not combine the two, then? After all, video games are so complex these days and we interact with them in a way that is so very different from any other subset of entertainment media. It is as if they demand to be taken seriously and to be analysed beyond our experiences with them.

So I must review all my games then! This would seamlessly combine my love for writing with my obsession for video games! But where will I find the room to talk about the deeper questions that have always fascinated me? I am far more interested in thinking about the game’s themes, development and gameplay mechanics than trying to convince a a potential buyer if the game is good or bad, or what mark it should get out of 10. Besides, becoming a reviewer would put my posts in the firing line of far more experienced journalists from bigger websites and with infinitely more resources at their disposal than I do.

Make no mistake: I love reading video game reviews and a good, honest review is a lovely thing. Click on History on my Firefox browser and you will see mostly visits to Gamespot, IGN and Nag.co.za in between the odd listing of websites telling you how make mince curry and german pornography. It is just that writing reviews is something reserved instead for the latest and greatest, and I have always been more interested in the questions that would be difficult to answer solely as good, bad, wrong or right. I am interested more in what makes a game ‘tick’ if you will. It is not enough for me to consider what a game did well without thinking about how a game did it well. Not really something worth including in a review if you think about it.

Must choose another approach. But what to write on? I have a very eclectic taste in video games, and when asked “What games do you play?” my answers were typically met with frowns and lukewarm reactions because they were games that were usually rare, and often only emphasised a single player campaign. It was only after several failed attempts of trying to sustain in-depth conversations with friends to whom everything was a waste of time if it didn’t have killstreaks, ranks or weapon loadouts that it hit me: Focus on the minor details!


So what I write about here will mostly be the little discoveries that I made during my adventures in the world of pixels. Sometimes I will complain, other times I will praise. But most of the time, I will try to write something about a game that will make it a bit more interesting. In the end, I just want to have a nice chat about the cool things I experienced while I was playing the games I feature here, and hopefully convince everyone that the only correct answer for the best game ever begins with the words ‘Prince of Persia.’

Oh, and the name? Well, it has long since been rumoured that blind chameleons can still change colour to match their surroundings, so I though it might serve as an allegory for being able to see things as they really are  :-).